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Hi all

Seems like an age since I have put anything on here (SLAP ME SILLY).

Both RJ and I have fast become interested in a (hmm. what would you call it ),

A likeing ,An obsession ,A need ,A love,A passion or maybe even ALL of them put together.

anyhow its called a Mini Motor vehicle. WE both have leaned towards the Cooper S model .

I have opened up a section for this ,so feel free to browse as always anyone is most welcome.

For those of you that enjoy some nice renovated motor Vehicles .

Check out my Friends Site .http://superwayne.net



Been A while since I have made any entries :-((.

I guess the main thing is that I still am not smoking .Unfortunatly the wife is , but she is doing a whole lot better than she was .I have to be honest and tell y`all that it is a real hard task to quit and some major re-adjustments have to be made with mental attitudes.Things seem to be taking longer to complete or to get round to doing ,but this is getting better .

      My son Paul Now has a new puter ,which he seems to be enjoying.




At 8:05 pm EST. I lit up my final ciggarette,in an attempt to quit the habbit.My other half is also doing the same .I have smoked since the age of 14 and have never attempted to quit before .I hope my will power can see me through.

Also I have started to set up a picture album to try to consolidate all the pictures on the site .


A slight delay in putting up this update ,unfortunatly I was unable to gain access .But that has been cleared up thank goodness.

Everything as far as the backyard drainage project is proceeding nicely,thank goodness most of the hard graft is out the way .Still quite a bit of time will be needed to get the yard back into shape and thats after the spider drains are taken care of.

Go to the work project page to see latest pics of the work that I am currently involved in .


Well another Halloween has gone by .The Kids had a blast as allways and are just getting over the mass sugar rush.

The Drainage project is finally (whew!!) coming to the end,another maybe 2 weekends and it will be over with .Then on to other exciting things.

The Pro-Cooling Gear Store was opened,But the responce has not been even close to what I had exspected.Hopefully that will change.The Gear is very well made and the prices are at a reasonable level in comparison to other sites offering these wares.




A fairly uneventfull week of course being real busy on the work front,but nothing broke at home so I can count my blessings.This Saturday was work in the morning and tried to get some rest for the rest of the day ,knowing that I had more hole digging to take care of Sunday (today).

The Guys at the ProCooling site have got together and started a Protein Folding team for research, I thought this was a real benifit and a good way to use the puters here at home ,so I also now am folding for the ProCooling team and we are doing very well.The amount of fun competion is great amongst the guys.

Other things moving right along is that the ProCooling site has this weekend ,been upgrading thier server.It is now much improved thanks to the hard work of Joe (THE BRUCE).

Hopefully this coming week will see another leap forward in a ProCooling endeavor that has been in the works for a while now.I will elaborate on that another time when it goes public,what a tease huh LOL.Just keep visiting and you will find out about the goodness that you can aquire. There almost spilled the beans but not quite hahahahah.



Been somewhat busy just lately,unfortunatly a week after the wonderful job my eldest boy did with the A/C duct work,the A/C fan motor decided to take a dump.A phone call took care of that little mishap.

Also the Leach Drain that I had put in last year decided to go to hell as well ,so out with the shovel and remedy that little problem ,hmm did I say little HAHAHA .

On a posative note though upgraded the boys @ home puter to something more able to handle the games they have become interested in. Will have some pics later after I change over the present fan configuration .

Made  some what small progress with the shroud so check out the shroud project page if you will.



Got the A/C all back together and everything is running very well.It goes to show that you have to really be on top of your house maintainance especially with older properties.We had to replace most of the duct work and while we were about it added a couple of additional outlets.Unbeknown to me there is good ducting and bad ducting ,of course we had the bad ducting and were lucky that we caught it in time due to the insulation barrier breaking down and of course the build up of condensation which turned out to be like a mini swimming pool.

In this endeavor I was suprised at the differance in cost of the re-placement parts required from one Store (Home Depot) and another (Lowes) and as a tip DO SHOP AROUND ,its suprising how much you can save.

Also its suprising with a little help from knowledgeable people what you can save parts wise by using something else and adapting that part to work just as good .All in all a very educational weekend,but a drag on time not being able to get on with my projects as planned . But oh well,it was worth it .

Also Added My Sons very first Site link.All power to him,Although I disclaim any content hahahahah.and also a link to a good freind of quite a few years,who really got me into this fun and interesting hobby of Computers /Gaming,and oh yes the wife still doesn`t cringe at the mention of his name .But seriously you couldn`t wish for a better person to deal with in regards to puters and all the related aspects of the industry.Sorry but I tell it as it is, an Honest / Knowledgeable /Courtious/Caring company , how many of them are there out there?


I dont think much will be hapening this week end on the projects .Paul and Grandson Terrin came to visit for the weekend.That will give me a chance to have Paul go over our house A/C to make sure its up to par.I know that one of the main attic ducts will have to be replaced ,good job he don`t mind crawling round in the HOT attic(I DO).



Congratulations : Goes out to R.J. the eldest @ Home ,he passed his drivers test.So soon he will be getting his new Honda Civic that he has waiting for him at the dealers.Of course this comes at a cost to our sanity especially MOM with the worry of him out and about ,but thats growing up and leaving the nest ,which of course is part of life.